Laser Beam Scanning Technology

Polygonal Scanning Technology Enables High-power, Ultra-short Pulsed Lasers in Emerging Applications

For over 40 years, Lincoln polygonal scanning products have been at the leading edge of ultra-high-speed beam steering technology. Our continued innovation in the areas of optical component manufacture, high-performance rotational motion, and servo controls have enabled our customers to extend laser-based processing into numerous demanding applications. High-accuracy and high-speed repeated linear scanning is available through the integration of our precisely-machined multi-facet mirrors, advanced bearing and spindle mechanics, optimized motor designs, and tuned servo controls.

High-Performance Polygonal Scanning Products:
Diamond-Turned and Optically-Polished Mirrors

Lincoln motor polygon assemblies (MPA’s) and scan heads contain regular, irregular, and pyramidal polygon mirrors machined from aluminum alloys to stringent tolerances and specifications. For the most demanding applications, mirror facets are optically polished to achieve even greater levels of accuracy and our captive coating laboratory provides a broad array of vacuum deposited coatings to maximize reflectivity for the required wavelength. These sophisticated manufacturing techniques, coupled with advanced integration and dynamic balancing processes, combine to achieve the highest possible optical performance.

Long-Life, High-speed Bearing Designs

Lincoln polygonal scanners and scan heads employ ball, aerodynamic, and aerostatic bearing and spindle technologies designed to support a wide array of rotational speeds, mirror sizes, and operating lifespans.

Custom Motor Configurations

Our MPA’s and scan heads employ custom and semi-custom AC hysteresis synchronous and DC brushless motors matched to the application in order to ensure rotational speed stability at the required operating velocity.