Achieve the Full Scanning Potential of Your Application

  • 24-bit GSBus command resolution permits unprecedented position accuracy and output

  • Proprietary ScanPack algorithms enable fast, precise galvanometer control and laser synchronization

  • Versatile system connectivity ensures easy integration and quick system startup

  • Supporting software features intuitive user interface that facilitates job creation

Products and Performance


ScanMaster Controller (SMC)



Proprietary ScanPack algorithms for fast and precise galvo control and laser synchronization. Additionally, 24-bit GSBus communication protocol for high positioning accuracy.

Basic controller functionality in a compact form factor.   

Max Number of Scan Heads

Two 2-Axis or two 3-Axis scan heads1

Two 2-Axis or two 3-Axis scan heads

Control Scheme

Traditional mode or ScanPack mode2

Traditional mode

Communication Protocol

16-bit XY2-100 - standard status codes
24-Bit GSBus - real time status and signal monitoring2


16-bit XY2-100 - standard status codes

Laser Interface

Plug-and-play adapters for common laser types3

Laser control ports

System Communication



Application Programming Interface

ScanMaster API (.NET)
ScanMaster Designer (Optional)

ScanMaster API (Win32 DLL)
ScanMaster Designer (Optional)

(Approximate, in.)

6.9 x 4.0

3.9 x 3.0

Datasheets & Outline Drawings ScanMaster Controller | Click here to download Controller Outline Drawings

All models are RoHS compliant. Specifications subject to change without notice.
1. When using XY2-100 protocol, a second scan head requires the auxiliary I/O board.
2. ScanPack mode for LightningTM II scan heads only.
3. Contact Cambridge Technology to discuss availability of other adapters.


ScanMaster Designer (SMD)


Intuitive software with an easy-to-use graphic interface for laser scanning jobs. Includes features for: 
Convenient import/edit standard file formats;
Multiple editing tools for easy job creation;
Complex job structures and flow control;
Tiling and tray;
Database connectivity;
3D object processing


"In laser beam steering, even our smallest component plays a critical role in advancing innovation. It is very satisfying to know our customers depend on the reliability and precision of our product."

Yuma Kikuchi
Sales Director (Japan)

All of our controllers are designed to easily integrate with either an Application Protocol Interface (API) or ScanMaster Designer (SMD) software from Cambridge Technology. The ScanMaster Controller (SMC) is designed with two proprietary technologies: GSBus data transfer protocol and our ScanPack control scheme. The GSBus protocol supports 24-bit control signals, the highest command resolution in the industry. ScanPack control is based on comprehensive modeling of the dynamic behavior of our digital galvanometer thus predictively planning the scanning path. The SMC offers a wide range of programmable control signals that provide flexibility in laser control that is synchronized with galvanometer motion and positions. Our plug-and-play interface allows for easy connection to commonly used lasers.

Our ScanMaster Designer (SMD) software is simple to use and features a graphic design environment with an intuitive user interface. The software uses standard file formats and features a wide range of editing tools for easy job creation. ScanMaster API provides access to most of the SMD functionality through your own user interface.

All of our controller and software products are optimized to drive any of our galvanometer XY scanner sets and scan heads.