ScanMaster Controller (SMC)


Proprietary ScanPack algorithms for fast and precise galvo control and laser synchronization. Additionally, 24-bit GSBus communication protocol for high positioning accuracy.

Max Number of Scan Heads

Two 2-Axis or two 3-Axis scan heads1

Control Scheme

Traditional mode or ScanPack mode2

Communication Protocol

16-bit XY2-100 - standard status codes
24-Bit GSBus - real time status and signal monitoring2


Laser Interface

Plug-and-play adapters for common laser types3

System Communication


Application Programming Interface

ScanMaster API (.NET)
ScanMaster Designer (Optional)

(Approximate, in.)

6.9 x 4.0

Datasheets, Outline Drawings & Brochure ScanMaster Controller | Click here to download Controller Outline Drawings | ScanMaster Brochure

All models are RoHS compliant. Specifications subject to change without notice.
1. When using XY2-100 protocol, a second scan head requires the auxiliary I/O board.
2. ScanPack mode for LightningTM II scan heads only.
3. Contact Cambridge Technology to discuss availability of other adapters.