62xxH Series Galvanometer XY Sets

83xxK Series Galvanometer XY Sets


Compact form factor, thermal efficiency, and long-life bearings provide a reliable, high-performance solution to achieve high-speed scanning in small spaces.

All the benefits of the 62xxH Series with even lower noise and drift for improved stability and resolution.

Wavelength Options

355 nm / 532 nm / 1030 nm - 1080 nm / 9.4 μm - 10.6 μm
Broadband Coatings: 350 nm – 12 μm

Maximum Scan Angle


Small Angle Step Response 1

100 μs - 200 μs


99.9% minimum, over 20°
99.5% typical, over 40°

Scale Drift

50 ppm/°C

15 ppm/°C

Zero Drift

15 μrad/°C

5 μrad/°C


8 μrad

Compatible Servo Drivers

Analog Series:  671, 672, 673
Digital Series:  DC900, DC2000, DC3000 Plus

XY Galvo Block Outline Drawings Click here to download XY Galvo Block Outline Drawings
Datasheets 62xxH Series Galvanometer Scanners | 83xxK Series Galvanometer Scanners

All angles are in mechanical degrees, unless otherwise noted.
1. 0.1° step and settled to within 99% of the final position. Requires Cambridge Technology servo board.