62xxH Series Galvanometer XY Sets

83xxK Series Galvanometer XY Sets


Industry’s leading solution which reliably drives large loads for all general processing applications. 

Provides higher stability and increased resolution required by large field applications and precise material processing.

Wavelength Options

355 nm / 532 nm / 1030 nm - 1080 nm / 9.4 μm - 10.6 μm
Broadband Coatings: 350 nm – 12 μm

Maximum Scan Angle


Small Angle Step Response1

1 ms - 5 ms


99.9% minimum, over 20°
99.5% typical, over 40°

Scale Drift

50 ppm/°C

15 ppm/°C

Zero Drift

15 μrad/°C

5 μrad/°C


8 μrad

Compatible Servo Drivers

Analog Series:  671, 673
Digital Series:  DC900, DC2000, DC3000 Plus

XY Galvo Block Outline Drawings Click here to download XY Galvo Block Outline Drawings
Datasheets 62xxH Series Galvanometer Scanners | 83xxK Series Galvanometer Scanners

All angles are in mechanical degrees, unless otherwise noted. 
1. 0.1° step and settled to within 99% of the final position. Requires Cambridge Technology servo board.