LightningTM II Digital


High stability ensures nonstop, consistent performance 24/7, and offers substantial flexibility when processing over large work fields.

Wavelength Options

355 nm 

Field Size Range1

200 – 2500 mm

Input Beam Size

1 - 3 mm |  2 - 3 mm

Minimum Spot Size
(200 x 200 mm)

12 µm | 18 µm

Tracking Error

0.2 ms

Typical Process Speed

50 rad/s 


<1 µrad

Positioning Resolution


Long Term Drift3

<10 µrad 

Thermal Drift

<2 µrad/°C

Modular or Enclosed


Datasheets 3-Axis Scan Head: Modular with Integrated Z-Axis

All angles are in optical degrees, unless otherwise noted.

1. Work field range and input aperture varies with three-lens assemblies.

2. RMS, per axis.

3. For LightningTM II scan heads: During 8 hours of operation after 30 minutes of warm up. RMS, per axis.