Laser Beam Scanning Technology

Advanced Galvanometer Technology That Has Revolutionized Industrial Process, Medicine, and Science

Laser Beam Steering Technology

Our galvanometer technology features limited-rotation DC motors that drive precision mirrors designed for laser beam steering or scanning applications. Highly-accurate, controlled motion is achieved with an internal position detector that enables our closed loop servo drivers to control the scanner motor by providing a position signal proportional to the rotation of the motor shaft.

Our Galvanometer Technology Delivers:
High Scanning Speeds and Short Step Response Times

Our galvanometer positioning speed comes from advanced rotor and mirror designs optimized for the highest resonant frequency. The actuator laser beam technology features extremely high torque along with very little electrical inductance, thus providing high scanner speeds at reduced power supply voltages. These combined characteristics produce superior system bandwidths, the fastest step response times, with excellent wobble and jitter performance. In addition, the galvanometer’s outstanding RMS power capability ensures the highest repetition rates available in the most compact form factors.

Highest Position Accuracy and Repeatability

Our advanced optical position detector is designed to provide high positioning repeatability, linearity, and stability over time and temperature while operating at high speeds.

Highest System Performance and Reliability Over Time

Superior product lifetimes and reliability are the result of disciplined design technique, the best in bearing technology, and quality manufacturing processes and workmanship. Our galvanometers are life-test proven to tens of billions of cycles of operation, validating their dependability of performance.

To achieve very high speeds, our specialty resonant scanners are specifically designed for very high frequencies by employing a torsion bar instead of bearings. The torsion bar includes a precision mirror and counter weight that is tuned to resonate at a specific frequency up to 12kHz. Our resonant scanner motors consume very little energy and provide extended life while operating without transmitting vibrations to the rest of the system.

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