Advanced Industrial & Electronics

The diversity of our product portfolio and proprietary technology has enabled Cambridge Technology to become the industry’s recognized leader in optical scanning. Our best-in-class products and dedicated laser beam application engineering support make it possible for OEM customers to achieve even higher levels of system performance, precision, and reliability for their most demanding laser beam applications.

Medical and Scientific

Our beam steering products provide superior positioning accuracy and high scanning speeds with a small form factor that is ideal for compact, OEM systems used in applications such as ophthalmology, confocal microscopy, and more. We offer a range of highly-reflective, broadband mirrors that are designed for applications using multiple lasers in a single scanning system. Our applications engineers collaborate closely with OEMs to select the most appropriate configuration that meets their individual system requirements.

Advanced Industrial & Electronics

Converting Large Surface Areas

Our 3-axis scan heads ensure consistent laser spot quality for field sizes up to 1.5m x 1.5m with highly accurate beam positioning. When combining our laser scanning systems with our advanced ScanMaster controller product, OEMs fully optimize scanning performance for high throughput and continuous production with a true 2D mark-on-the-fly.

High Power Welding

Fast, flexible, and contactless, our scan heads are designed for fiber and CO2 applications. The enclosed configuration ensures laser safety and maximizes heat dissipation to prevent against laser damage and thermal lensing. Our scan heads may be utilized on their own or in conjunction with robots for challenging seams or large surfaces.

High-Precision Marking & Coding

Our scanning solutions are fast, flexible, and robust, making them ideal for applications such as marking and coding. We offer a broad portfolio of products that enable ultra-fast marking at unprecedented speeds. Our plug-and-play scan heads are built around stable, low-drift galvos to ensure high-quality marking and system integration is simplified with standard interfaces and calibration software.

Laser Additive Manufacturing

Our high-stability scan heads ensure accuracy in manufacturing whether your focus is on rapid prototyping or serial production of parts applications. Our ScanMaster controllers and software products facilitate easy importing of 3D designs for SLA, SLS, and SLM applications. Build large-volume, complex parts over a 24+ hour period with our 3-axis scanning systems.


Our products provide reliable, consistent delivery of high-precision and stable beam positioning for a wide variety of micromachining applications for medical devices, solar panels, and fuel injectors. Our portfolio of flexible configurations are available in a range of products from highly-integrated galvanometer XY scanner sets to easy, plug-and-play scan head solutions.

Optical Sorting

Our polygonal scanners enable high-speed inspection and sorting of a variety of agricultural commodities based on parameters such as shape, size, structural properties, chemical composition, blemishes, and the presence of biological agents. In addition, our motor polygon assemblies support sorting applications in recycling waste streams, mining operations, and industrial processes.

Surface Modification

Lincoln polygon mirrors, motor polygon assemblies, and scan heads provide large-field, high-fill raster scanning solutions for many surface modification processes. From annealing, cleaning, ablation and texturing, to micro-perforation and more, our ultra-fast polygonal scanning products provide solutions to challenging material processing requirements.

Via-Hole Drilling

High-duty cycles for via-hole drilling are possible using the LightningTM II scanning platform designed to deliver high accuracy, high speed and low drift. The proprietary, 24-bit encoder ensures unbeatable drilling precision, and each component - including our highly-engineered beryllium mirrors - is tailored for dynamic performance and scanning speed using predictive positioning controls.

Medical & Scientific

Laser Treatment

Our galvanometer innovations have enabled the evolution of novel medical procedures and advancements in laser-based treatments for patients. Our scanners are recognized in the industry for their high positioning accuracy, reliability, and long product lifetimes.

Optical Coherence Tomography

The small form-factor of our galvanometer XY sets are designed for easy integration within compact instrument designs such as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems. Our scanner sets raster at a constant velocity required for fast, high-quality, repeatable scans that minimize the amount of time needed to perform patient imaging.


Our super-compact XY scanner sets are designed with the industry’s smallest footprint for galvanometer-based optical laser beam steering. Our galvanometers raster with a constant velocity to achieve repeatable results. To attain faster frame rates for dynamic events, our resonant scanners enable even higher speeds of laser scanning.