Key Advantages

High Marking Quality
Improved Throughput & Uptime
Compact Size

Marking & Coding

Fast Character Marking Performance
Use MOVIA when coding applications which require high throughput; the  short step response and tune design are optimized for short vectors like in character marking. 

Uniform Line Spacing
Achieving uniform line spacing through bi-directional hatching increases throughput by up to 50%, compared to uni-directional hatching. The precise line spacing ensures uniform laser power density on the surface and evenly “fill” shapes like logos or graphics. 

Easy System Integration
MOVIA’s small system design enables a reduced system footprint for easy integration. Its industry standard interface and input options enable easy replacement option as well as a flexible system integration. 

Improved Marking Throughput with ScanMaster Controller
Users can achieve improved marking throughput with variable poly delay enabled through our ScanMaster Controller, resulting in significant impact in jobs which have corners, arcs and circles. The typical CPS performance is about 50% higher.

Complete Your Laser Marking System with CO2 Lasers
Novanta offers high performance, precision tuned components and sub-systems, tested to meet your specific needs. MOVIA is compatible with Synrad’s CO2 lasers offering a wide selection of lasers with multiple configuration options to ensure maximum marking and coding flexibility. 





Compatible with a majority of lasers for processing a wide variety of materials and products.

Wavelength Options1

CO2: 9.2 - 10.6 µm
Fiber: 1040 - 1090 nm
Green: 513 - 534 nm   Check with factory  
UV: 353 - 357 nm        Check with factory  

Mirror Aperture

    10 mm

Scan Angle

  ± 20° 

Step Response2


Typical Marking Speed3




Command Resolution


Long Term Drift4

Offset: <100 µrad
Scale: <150 ppm

Thermal Drift

Offset: <20 µrad/°C
Scale: <20 ppm/°C

Modular or Enclosed



All angles are in optical degrees, unless otherwise noted.

1. Supports HeNe laser band.  
2. Settling to within 1% of position.   
3. With 160mm F-Theta lens.  
4. During 24 hours of operation after 30 minutes of warm up, per axis.  


"I enjoy collaborating directly with customers to push boundaries and drive innovation that leads to design wins for their applications."

Jessica Zhang
Director of Engineering (China)